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ParraMa is a person and a place.


What you will discover here comes from a creative program where mums and kids had fun making stories about feeling at home in Parramatta.


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We welcome you in some of our many languages of Parramatta.

Enjoy exploring. These pics are links to different worlds and stories of ParraMa.

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i-Maps Parra is a project of Information and Cultural Exchange (I.C.E.) delivered through the Family Creative Hub program. i-Maps Parra is funded by NSW Government through the Parramatta City Council Stronger Communities Fund.

The I.C.E. Family Creative Hub is part of the National Community Hubs Program which is funded by the Scanlon Foundation and the Department of Social Services received through Community Hubs Australia and managed by Settlement Services International. Information and Cultural Exchange receives core support from Australia Council for the Arts, Create NSW, The Crown Resorts Foundation and The Packer Family Foundation.

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